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Bookkeeping for companies

Bookkeeping for legal persons

  • Keeping of business books
  • Preparing tax, statistical and other reports prescribed by law
  • Preparation of annual financial reports at the end of a business year
  • Monthly calculation of employees’ salaries, filling out and submitting to the HZZO (Croatian Health Insurance Fund) and HZMO (Croatian Pension Insurance Institute) registration and deregistration forms for employees and preparation of all accompanying reports relating to the employees’ salaries prescribed by law.

* Prices of services without the VAT for companies according to activities

Bookkeeping for sole proprietorships

Bookkeeping for natural persons – sole proprietorships

  • Keeping of business books
  • Preparing annual Income Tax Return
  • Monthly calculation of employees’ salaries

* Prices of services without the VAT for sole propietorships according to activities

Price list*

The price is formed depending on:

  • the number of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • the number of employed workers
  • whether the sole proprietorship / company is outside the VAT system, pays VAT quarterly or monthly
  • Selected manner of VAT payment


The price for preparation of the annual financial reports for companies, i.e. Tax Returns for sole proprietorships equals the amount of the agreed price for the bookkeeping services for one month.

The mentioned price includes the delivery of documents to all institutions (banks, Tax Administration, HZZO, HZMO, FINA etc.).

The delivery service from accountancy office to client and viceversa is additionally charged.

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